Water Faucet
Combination Whole House Water Filtration System and Water Softener, Three-In-One!

Get three treatments for one low price!


Entek Environmental Solutions

Great for drinking water, coffee, tea and more!

Ideal for city water!


  • Chlorine taste and odors
  • Harmful chemicals
  • Water hardness

Get finely filtered, soft water from every water tap in your house!

It’s great for drinking water, coffee, tea and other beverages.

How it works!

First, water flows downward, through the Catalytic activated carbon and KDF to remove Chlorine taste and odors, along with potentially harmful chemicals.

Next, water hardness is removed by the softener resin so you enjoy the many benefits of soft water!

Drinking Water Before and After Filtration & Conditioning

How Entek City Water Treatment Works