Frequently Asked Questions


Q. There’s a lot of other companies selling water treatment what makes your company different?

A. We’ve been in the plumbing and water treatment business for over 41 years and our founder is still active today. We built our business by giving our customers more than they could get anywhere else and with the best warranties of any other company that’s out there. With over 8000 customers and after 41 years we must be doing something right and we will continue in the many years to come. Our ENTEK water treatment and filtration products are all made in the USA and specially designed for us.

Q. Can our water treatment products we installed outdoors?

A. The answer is yes. Our water conditioners come with a special cover to protect them from outside elements. These covers are specially made for our units and are completely sealed. They are easily removed for inspection calibration. Our brine tanks come with special lids with a locking tab and are completely sealed.

Q. I’ve been told that the water from a water softener feels slimy on my skin?

A.When you bathe and shampoo in hard water, the soap and minerals coat your skin and your hair leaving it feeling so-called clean feeling. When you bathe and wash your hair in soft water the soap and detergent is washed completely away leaving just the natural oils in your skin and hair intact. Washing with softened water is 100 times better at cleaning your body’s natural skin and hair leaving you feeling cleaner.

Q. Should I use a water filter to filter my cooking water when using a softener?

A. We always suggest using a under sink water treatment system with or without a water softener. In using one in conjunction with a water softener the under sink water treatment system will remove all elements including bacteria. We sell and install two types, a three stage water filter system and an osmosis water filter system. The osmosis water filtration system will remove up to 98% of all chemicals and bacteria while the three stage is limited but still better than nothing. We will install a gooseneck water tap at your sink that’s very convenient when making and preparing food or drink.

Q. Type of salt do you recommend to put into my brine tank?

A.We recommend never using block salt or any salt that is not coated with a salt type dust. The Morton’s water softener salt in our opinion is the best you can use. If you use any other salt it could cause bridging which binds the salt together and it becomes very hard. Thus leaving a hollow area under the salt in which the unit will not operate correctly. We have a salt delivery system for you if needed.

Q. Can you maintain my water softener and filters for me?

A.Yes, typically for water softener we would put you on a schedule in most cases it’s every 90 days to maintain your salt levels and once a year replace your filters if needed. Our filtration systems are sophisticated, they learn your usage which not only saves water but also salt. Typically for a family of two or three you would add one bag every four months depending on your usage. The service typically ranges anywhere from a minimum of $75 for just salt and hundred and $50 for filter replacements, depending on what system you have.

Q. Are there other alternatives other than using salt for my water softener?

A.Yes, the alternative salt substitute would be (potassium chloride) it’s a good substitute for salt and it’s just as effective the only differences is that it adds potassium instead of sodium. The cost of potassium is about 10 times the cost of salt, to us it’s not worth the extra expense because you will use more of it which will relate into a higher expense for the same purpose.

Q. How will I know what unit to buy?

A.When you call us we will schedule a free water test at your home and at that time we will show you your options according to the quality of your water. We will give you all the information you need to make a very informed decision with absolutely no pressure whatsoever. Our company of 41 years would never jeopardize our reputation in making you feel uncomfortable in your decision. After we test your water the analysis will tell us what type and size unit you need to facilitate your needs.

Q. Is salt from the brine rinse bad from a septic tank

A.There are billions of bacteria in your septic tank of many forms. Extremely high concentrations of sodium can kill some bacteria, however the amount of sodium concentration that are flushed into a septic tank is never high enough to kill the bacteria. In some instances there has been evidence that low-sodium concentrations in the septic tank improve bacteria correlation and growth.