Entek Environmental SolutionsHefner Plumbing Company provides iron and sulfur removal to all Central Florida communities including Ocala, Belleview, Dunnellon, Top-Of-The-World, Stone Creek, Villages, Williston, and McIntosh. Do you taste iron in your water or smell sulfur when you turn your faucet on? Contact Hefner Plumbing Company today for a free water analysis – (352) 620-2883.


The Big 3 - Hydrogen Sulfate, Manganese, and Iron

Well water often contains Iron, which may stain plumbing fixtures, bath tubs, shower walls and doors. Well water in our area may also contain Hydrogen Sulfide, which produces “rotten egg” (Sulfur) odors from the Hydrogen Sulfide.

Chemical-Free Water Filtration

Entek® Iron & Sulfur systems use a chemical-free approach for Iron, Sulfur and manganese removal when bacteria is not present, and when your well pump can produce sufficient flow for proper backwash to clean the filter media.

Before and After Well Water Treatment

How it works!

Entek® Iron & Sulfur systems utilize oxygen, contained in your water, to oxidize Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide and Manganese, so they drop out of solution to form particles. Periodically, the filter initiates a backwash cycle so the oxidized particles are flushed from the system. Our control valve is also designed to create an air pocket in the filter tank for additional oxidation for improved performance.

Entek® Iron & Sulfur systems do not need chemicals for oxidation. However, if your water contains bacteria, water treatment chemicals may be required for disinfection.

Well Water Filter Benefits:

No Iron or Sulfur Odors

Entek Well Water Filter

Irrigation System Filter

Irrigation Systems

Systems to prevent iron stains on driveways and sidewalks are available. Please inquire.